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keskiviikko 13. helmikuuta 2019

Nobody off the Internet I suppose

Made myself rest. My thoughts were mean even in a horizontal position. The only handy realisation I had was to bag up some laundry from my bathroom floor. Ate too much bbq chips yesterday and made me puke something so orange it was like it had come from Trump's ass.

Didn't go to school. Just informed I was ill. Had some eggs on toast and coffee. I'm running out of sugar and pretty much everything else too. I have Dancing on ice UK open on my other tab. Wish that would cheer me up.

ms lazy eye
It was a pretty chilly night. I don't know what made my bones so cold. My hair is standing from the top of my head in thick curls.

No filter and no makeup. Sleeping does have some sort of anti-aging effect.

I took the picture with my Huawei phone cause I seem to have dislocated my iPhone somewhere, which doesn't surprise me. It's had more adventures than me.

hickety nickety today, persnickety- can ever be too careful *makes more decisions today that make no sense*

Everyone adores hair, nobody wants the hair they already possess. Even I'm not immune to wanting flat and 'controllable' hair...
It's Valentine's Day tomorrow and I don't think anyone is going to remember me... there isn't enough romance in the world to cure me from my slumber

My secret lover is living in usa nowadays. Apparently he isn't aussie or british. I talked to him about my troubles cuz he's like the only one who sexualizes everything lmao. The 'milky' substance I get every month on a muscle by a nurse isn't something you'd want in a muscle! May the butt jokes continues...x

Jokes aside, I feel like if, I don't keep thinking all the time, I will just let my stress hormone cortisol brains, go on override. That causes nasty bumps on my inner thighs or unnecessary discharge, but I think I've stopped those now for the most part. I'm not peaceful and I'm not satisfied, but at least I'm not your problem -if your attitude about the problem, is wrong.

Quite right?