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perjantai 1. helmikuuta 2019

I wish my intuition sucked #hasnovaluableinformationwhatsoever

Christian Bale, as someone so wicked and satisfied. Almost pee'd my pants. Blue eyes are the worst... there's some in mine...

probably why I once dreamt of "blood, sex, magic, dark mermaids" with a nasty plot, etc.

I predicted some power, love, things this year on a crossword puzzle, but man. Is it true that an uterus can be measured... probably so, by all the stuff a woman stuffs in there or her pants, in her lifetime

My friend is always asking me if a moth flied out of my pants when she's calling me or says I'm a shit head... pls don't be so metallic. *listens to some more hard rock*

This was going to be just an opinion piece on the Vice movie, but d'oh. I'm not subjective or anything.... Such great everything. I thought winners wrote History????

I know, I'm affected by hard stuff to handle (death, war, violence...) but, like I once tried to break my psyche by not getting sleep, after reading about torture methods in a science periodical (yes I have read that too much and also some pseudoscientific things) Still believe there is nothing after death and other dead serious ass shit it can only turn worse ::::D

Been to involuntary admission, that was ten years ago now. What a shock it was. Nothing peaceful in that surroundings. I'm the prisoner inside my head but I just think.. love is love, right, laugh and pick up the pieces tomorrow... science, bro, give it time, and so on? My favorite children's book had time travel in it

I do love myself some Biographies. I've read some British peoples ones. Simon Cowell, Jamie Oliver, Tolkien and Rowling, Geri Halliwell to mention a few! Not to mention the 3 days worth of Dvd's I had packed neatly on the bottom of an Ikea corrugated cardboard box..

//My friend had to leave earlier to take her dog out, the bitch whom had a birthday today. I suggested she gets her something special. Ate too much candy, and the rest melted in my inner pockets. Bought oats, tuna, and popcorn etc little things to live by just enough for the weekend.

Learned a lot about the scheming of things. I had no idea all that's happening in the USA. Much needed History lesson. But I guess I knew before the film, how it was going to be full of that.xD

Walked with my new Finnish ortopedic Dork, shoes mum bought, me and pretty much my feet took off the ground. If there are feet worshippers out there.. I wasn't hopping some gasel steps or like a rooster walks. But yeah, I'm confident. I don't think people understand my stress levels I'm under but I had a talk with a nurse, and she said I might just be one of those peoples who are affected by the hormonal uid. I quoted her on that.

So much greed and being drunk on power. May my eyes get any more pale. I wish I hadn't tweeted that much in 9 years and none of it in Finnish. I have had some friction with my mum. It's all going better now, though, with all the psychotherapy. I don't want a dirty mind like mine, but what do I have left anymore. Do I dare to dream again. I haven't remembered my dreams in a while :/

How does one even write English without knowing the rules, when this stuff just comes out of my backbone. An overbearing mother figure is only absent in my life when she's out there seeing love everywhere? what the actual fucking money trees now, I don't understand and that's not just all my idea

Love a bit of acting, love a bit of music, all the love. Happens when you're busy hating the world for unfairness, but... d'oh. That one woman in the cinema who kept glancing at me as if I was disturbed for making noises with my candy wrappers and teeth munching into the sugar. Gave the loudest burp ever with a muffled into my elbow, laugh and contnued on my life

Movies are just movies. I mean, just look at the tape of the video cassette and don't tell me the cats in a Disney movie scare you, my little sister.... nothing's real, if it's all happening in your head. Great ass long movie yea wish I wasn't such a mindfuck as a baby can't even remember when I named the soft toy as dog but R being L... and he still looks like the ass he is and I miss my childhood

I don't think anyone realises how much we rely on the kindness of strangers. People trust so blindly. I'm not loyal and reality deceives me. I want to grow to be something else than my past so, why'd anyone ever want a monster/witch like me, if I may quote my mum... Perhaps somebody who knows my love of tentacle porn and the grunge aesthetic and whatever my mood wasn't before

Nobody dies as an idiom and we're all fucked in the ass when you're buried... -lessons from American morticians, who probably even aren't as gloomy or morbid as me, but fun-loving and busy and whatever... to wake up or go to bed, that's what is the matter

All of it matters. Matters are most sirious. Curl up and die so anyone won't remember who you were, it's not as if anyone's ever risen from the dead ;) (sees how everyone are so zombies and develops everything she'd say as impurties on her facial skin)

I discovered, writing. Who the duck gave, you, superpowers? Earthlings go doubt yourself over, on whatever you just read. Fake memories don't belong to us.

There's always someone licking the plate, isn't there.


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