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Hylkää minut ja hylkäät itsesi

Ärsyttävää olla tyypin kanssa, joka on Murphyn lain puolella sekä oksettavan Trumpin että paasaa ydinsodasta ja ilmastosta negatiiviseen säv...


maanantai 1. tammikuuta 2024

The opposite of elaborating isn't annihilating?

I tend to be doing lots of things before and these days the same exactly different things that I've forgotten I used to do!!!!
Also, I have nothing controversial to say. Peace, love and fucking sex in all the right in-betweens!
Punish me for doing what everybody's programmed to do.
My dayjob seems to be answering and avoiding strange encounters to men? As soon as I put a coat of toxic paint on my nails I am already getting it chipped just like I get lipstick over everything for example sheets, towels more than it stayed there
Also there is side that I show online and offline. Nothing offline. Best to keep off the paint on the hand that's easier to paint over though at this age I already mastered nail painting unlike males might've
and it's just one perk of being hardcore problem of the world, creating creating. Promise no shit, get no bullstock.
I mean woman. Perk of being unequal to men. Men are the root of all female trouble. How they solve things that were not broken. Consolation in this is that men will perish as how they only brought death anyway.

Live in the purity of your own raw sexual power– seriously, fuck everyone