Unpopular opinion to never visit 'murica

What’s wrong with America They don’t recycle, the plumbing is old, the sleazy roadside hotels, gunlaws, people worshiping Trump, how much st...


tiistai 2. tammikuuta 2024

Historificus mundaneous

 I feel like a kid in a candy store about now. Being idle. Saving up the madness. 
REallY I just named colors and changed my screensaver and my laptop has a BOINC one, from since when have I ever downloaded that on a computer????
Blown away by computing power.
Space. Traffic. Biological sciences, astronomical sciences, metaphysical pseudologies. Study of language. Of game theory, art.
Has humanity really put all that information available if you ought to know how to look???? DaVinci step aside
still... brrr it's cold outside and I'm just GOOD. (:::;

bye-bye biome

soot! peat? swamp. lungs. rough fucking deal if words do not just fall into my lap and I cannot just recall new ones, 0k

regards fellow learnerr,
antiblogger, determinist humanist and not an artist cause that's not a profession and all artists are narcissist

able to tell a homophobeickk joke on threads if you count it as such
just miraculouszcsdaf