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maanantai 7. elokuuta 2023


 Sun in Libra

As a Libra, you are the prudent, balanced, and harmonious sign of the zodiac. Ruled by relationship planet Venus, you are always considerate of others’ feelings and opinions. You think carefully before deciding to act, and it’s rare to find a hot-headed Libra, as you like to weigh up all the pros and cons before making a decision. Sincere, honest, and decent, you find it very hard to tolerate noisy, rude, or abusive behavior. Being born under this sign, you have a strong aesthetic sense and artistic talent. You’re usually successful at painting, illustrating, architecture, and fashion design. If you don’t become an active artist, your good taste will be seen in everything you do. 
Sun in the 12th House
Compassionate, kind, and mysterious, you’re a gentle person who doesn’t like to rock the boat or draw attention to yourself. You’re deeply thoughtful with a rich imaginative life. An excellent psychologist or therapist, you are skilled in looking behind any façade to get to the truth. You wince at bad manners and need tranquil surroundings to feel comfortable. Artistic and impressionable, your doodles are often works of art, and you can look effortlessly stylish just wrapped in a smock. Perceptive and tuned to the undercurrent, you have a sixth sense that never fails you—and it can unnerve other people!
Moon in Taurus
Emotionally, you’re stable and peaceful, with a practical nature. You love to feel secure and comfortable and dislike sudden change, so you prefer to stick to what and who you know. You take your responsibilities seriously and are loyal to your core. You’re a rock emotionally and slow to anger, but if you’re provoked for long enough, you’ll have an impressive explosive outburst.
Moon in the 7th House
Popular and easygoing, your emotions adapt to the moods of the people around you. You want everyone to be happy and can’t bear it when there’s a bad atmosphere. Love and romance are extremely important to you, but deciding who to share your life with either means you have a few relationships before finding the right person, or you put it off until much later because nobody is quite right. You like to look good, are a snappy dresser, and pay attention to your appearance. Other people’s opinion of you matters a little too much, and it’s good for you to check in sometimes with your own emotional needs.
Mercury in Libra
Born with Mercury in Libra, you can often see both sides of any argument. You’re quite brilliant at playing the diplomat and are often the peacemaker if there’s tension between your friends or family. You also have a highly developed sense of fairness, and your good judgment is well respected, although it can take you a long time to reach a decision you’re happy with. Indecision can sometimes stop you from moving forward, but it’s also one of your most endearing qualities. You have an eye for beauty, and having pleasing colors, designs, and quality around you can calm you down.
Mercury in the 12th House
Your thinking is heavily influenced by both your subconscious and past experiences. More than most, you’re mentally tuned into the undercurrent of any situation, sensing when the mood may change. Keeping your opinions to yourself, you hide from confrontation, and when talking to loved ones, you’re sweet and charming, always asking if you can help. A little chaotic in your communication, you may find it hard to get to the point, or you can deliberately confuse people so you can exit a tricky situation. You’ve a talent for poetry, fiction, and photography and can learn to play most musical instruments intuitively.
Venus in Leo
Your Venus in Leo gives you an affectionate, sunny nature. You enjoy expressing your love through art, music, and your creativity, and your passion is strong and true. You’re a passionate, warmhearted person who places love at the center of your universe, and you need to feel adored by your partner. Not shy in expressing your emotions, it can be challenging when your other half isn’t as direct and enthusiastic about declaring their affections. You’re attracted to confident, popular, and attractive types, but you can get a little competitive if your other half steals your thunder.
Venus in the 10th House
You may have a career involved in the arts, fashion, or beauty industry or have a passion for helping others look good. Skilled at dealing with the public, your own self-image is also polished. In love you are attracted to people who have made it in some way, or they may be drawn to you. You may either enjoy showing pictures of you and your partner on social media, or you’ll be the opposite and keep your love life very private. Your tastes are for understated elegance, but status symbols, such as expensive cars, designer clothes, or an exclusive club membership, could be too tempting to avoid.
Mars in Aries
You’re a powerhouse of energy, and you tackle life’s challenges head-on. When you say you’ll do something, you like to get to it right away. You have a simple, straightforward style and are brilliant at taking the lead and getting other people involved. Your enthusiasm and energy are infectious, but sometimes after the initial excitement of a new project, you can get bored and want to rush to the next big idea. You have red-hot sex appeal and are likely attracted to strong, outgoing characters who won’t be scared off by your bold and impatient nature. 
Mars in the 6th House
You like to keep everything shipshape and run your household with military precision. Passionate about being organized, you’re always on time and get impatient with people who are not. A vigorous worker, you’re full of energy for everyday tasks, and you probably have an all-or-nothing approach to health and well-being. You can be a perfectionist, and it’s a challenge for others to live up to your high standards, but you’re strong and want the best for your loved ones. Sometimes you’re so caught up in getting the details sorted that you can miss the broader picture, so it’s good for you to stand back and get some perspective.
Jupiter in Gemini
You attract luck by constantly keeping in touch with the people around you. You’re brilliant at gathering information and are quick to learn new skills. A natural teacher, you instinctively know how to appeal to inquisitive minds because you have one yourself. Your own curiosity and mental agility mean you sometimes get caught up in endless amusement and distractions and forget about the things that really matter. You know a little about almost everything, but rarely go into intense detail or stick with one idea or thought for long. Your clever mind needs constant stimulation, which means you can get bored and sometimes fritter away your energy by playing games, watching TV, or being distracted by the latest craze.
Jupiter in the 8th House
You take pleasure in unraveling mysteries and getting to the heart of a matter. A natural scientist, and a deep thinker, you’re a tireless researcher who gets excited by complicated problems. Emotionally complex, you long for a deep connection with a partner who understands you on a profound level, and you may be fascinated by the mysteries of love and sex. Good with other people’s money, your excellent financial advice earns you respect, and you may choose a career in banking, insurance, or as a stockbroker. Going into business with a partner could bring your greatest success, bringing you both money and public recognition.
Saturn in Sagittarius
With thorough Saturn in knowledgeable Sagittarius, you are determined to know the answers to life’s bigger questions. You may have a strong spiritual faith when you’re younger, but Saturn could test and question your beliefs, causing them to change throughout your life. Sagittarius is a freedom-loving sign, and when it’s governed by disciplined Saturn, you might be a little worried about letting go. You could be anxious about being too extravagant with money, eating whatever you fancy, or showing your enthusiasm when it might not be appropriate. Saturn is teaching you to find a balance between fully enjoying your passions, beliefs, and interests while keeping them manageable.
Saturn in the 2nd House
Talented and good with money, you use your considerable skills to your advantage. You’re never spontaneous with money, and the thought of squandering your hard-earned cash at the casino makes you break out in hives. Well informed on financial matters, you probably wish to own your home, and tending a garden is important, too. Although you don’t spend money without thinking it through carefully, you value the good things in life and enjoy good food, designer clothes, and plenty of home comforts. Your disciplined attitude toward money is tested when it comes to trips to spa breaks, luxury country hotels, or visits to artisanal bakeries.
Uranus in Sagittarius
You’re an open-minded, philosophical person who enjoys challenging other people’s beliefs. Championing progress and change, you’re optimistic about the future. Extravagant and intellectual with an enormous appetite for life, you encourage others to examine their assumptions and ideas from a different perspective. Your schooling or education probably wasn’t traditional, or you prefer learning through your own experiences, and you may have clashed with your parents’ or teachers’ religious or philosophical beliefs. Your search for the truth can create situations that bring sudden change, but you’re prepared to make sacrifices if it means living more closely with your truth. 
Uranus in the 2nd House
You have unusual talents and the inventiveness to make money from them. With a scientific mind, you can see solutions to problems that others can’t. You may have unusual—or downright bizarre—methods that raise a few eyebrows, but nobody can doubt your brilliance. You have the wherewithal to be wealthy, but you’re not usually interested in personal gain. Working for an organization or group that champions humanitarian efforts would suit you perfectly. Independent, and at times difficult to work with, you like to rip up the rule book and show why traditional methods don’t work—and this doesn’t always go down well with people in authority.
Neptune in Capricorn
Working quietly toward your goals with glamorous Neptune in practical Capricorn, you show others that it’s possible to make their dreams a reality. You’re patient and know what is possible, but you never say no to a challenge. If you can imagine something, you can build it, or you can work out a way to get there. Where others come up with plans to set the world on fire with their business ideas, you slowly pursue yours. But where others get bored or fail at the first sign of any difficulty, you have the stamina and cosmic luck to become a star.
Neptune in the 3rd House
You have a rich and boundless imagination. Talented at visualizing, you find it easy to put your ideas into words. You communicate with people easily and intuitively without having to think too much about what you’re going to say because you can tell what’s on other people’s minds. Friends open up to you quickly, sensing that you understand them on an emotional level, and discussing their challenges with you can help them work through their problems. You can use your considerable imaginative gifts as a game designer or an author or by capitalizing on your persuasive, imaginative sales techniques.
Pluto in Scorpio
Deep, insightful Pluto is strong in mysterious Scorpio. Your emotional intelligence is uncanny, and you see right to the heart of what’s going on with other people. Perhaps because you experience your own feelings so intensely, you empathize when the people around you go through a tough time. You don’t give your heart easily because your fear is that you’ll be manipulated or hurt, so instead, you put up a wall and trust nobody. The truth is, your greatest longing is to experience an intense love connection, but that means being vulnerable enough to let someone in. When you put energy into connecting with people rather than defending yourself, you’ll attract people who will respect your sensitivity and emotional depth.
Pluto in the 1st House
When people first meet you, they have an impression of a confident but rather mysterious person for you appear both intense and alluring. You could be described as a “strong silent” type who says more with your eyes than you with your mouth. Your personal transformations come by mastering your own difficult emotions, and only people you really trust understand what you’re going through because you rarely reveal anything on the surface. Your love relationships are passionate, and you seldom give your heart away. If someone you love betrays you, you may act like you don’t really care, but under your smooth facade, you’ll be burning.