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Eskaloitui. Olen froggy lover


tiistai 25. heinäkuuta 2023

New tattoo idea!?...-

Under construction

Daddy has ideas too but not helpful ones. I think the best route would be to continue my sleeve. Stay rid of the boob area (some guys are really afraid of women with boob tattoos) at least!
There's been more views than usual so I've switched to English, forgive me. I had breastmilk coming out of me one time. Daddy has tasted it! But it was not normal, a side effect of a bad drug! Risperidone. (and banned on facebook because of it too)

I'm never having kids, it is not even possible. Has nothing to do with other than being a babygirl to daddy.... tba

Edit. Tried to post on instagram, kept crashing. Not a good sign. Deleted Instagram.