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tiistai 15. maaliskuuta 2022

2008 I had a blog, podcast, a youtube channel and gmail invites but creating content lead to the closed ward

 Money is gone. I'm waiting a week a new phone and smartwatch on credit I never thought I'd need. My bills for the rest of the month aren't paid. I've used 40 eur twice on groceries and mom spent that too on her behalf. Cakes are expensive to make, yo. Gotta have extra fine flour and extra fine sugar, creme fraiche, butter, eggs, flavor... for a big cake. Not to forget cleaning supplies, cigarettes, litres of fizzy drinks... easter decor, gaming purchases, well name it... at least I didn't get more plushies 25 eur per piece though I wanted them all

Gotta save now. I bought ice cream and have 80% todays calories left to eat. Perhaps some pasta. Pasta and noodles are mostly flour. My white bread is mostly flour. Flour is pretty nutrient free. Sugar and flour are worst, maybe.

Especially with the fertilizer problem and war and covid things. I would be lucky to eat anything and be left to taste and smell it.

Anyway, planets stay in their motions, sun comes up, moon didn't explode, robots didn't enslave us, there is no dystopian threat but humans themselves. Rich become richer. Everythings exploitable and a resource. Minimalism, zero waste, the green leftists, patriarchy. There is a lot of inequality for next generations to overwhelm themselves with and medicate themselves on.

Do I keep a list of ways world is fucked up? Nah psychology isn't a science in my humble opinion... it's just statistics, like the bmi is an average of 100 men's weights and heights and should not apply to actual people this day and age but that's the way we like to use to measure things, charts and pies. I am not very into study of maps, I might find myself looking at things which aren't there like astrological  birth charts. Comparing makes people dumb, so does anger...

What is weakness, if not being too strong for too long.

There are no winners only losers. (in war) even though I agreed that winners write write the history books

Today apparently people are having their Finnish high school Finnish exams. No wonder I did not sleep. I've enormously messed up my own Finnish exams when I was younger. Not your patriot here no sir