Hullu saa olla mutta ei tyhmä—muut lukutaitoiset

 Herännyt kahtena aamuna viideltä ja sitten kun saisi nukkua, niin herää nukuttuaan 2,5 tuntia. Nälissään kai ottamaan aamulääkkeet, käymään...


lauantai 12. helmikuuta 2022

Thanks for the food poisoning if you like that kind of shit

 Nah, I'm done with her abuse. It's like after thirteen years, she don't know me. Maybe that's my fault and she's given me the chances, or she wants me to be something I wasn't. It's 2022, and this is not the old wild west where you get a bullet in you if you cheat. And I didn't cheat. I've played the card game when I was a teenager a lot. If I swoop a card from the table when I'm empty handed, it's only right. 

It is my turn and I can try. It's about hope. Otherwise it's just losing and taking all the hits, or 2's for no reason. Be both had good chances to win in "päytäpaska" maybe she just got tired. I was tired. She told me to get my things and go, so I did, this time. Kajsa, Kajsa. Not loyal, not to be trusted. I hate when it's lies, even her dog senses I love it and I can show her whose boss by being consistent. Perhaps she messed me up in her head with another Libra, comparing me to some old enemy of an authority... she's crazy, I'm so up to over my head with our arguing. I don't argue, I just defend myself from her absolute symbolic law-enforcing, pettiness. I'm slow and I'm passive, maybe that's how we got along 13 years.

Apparently she's my only friend and she was finally glad to get rid of me. I was in the tram when she called about some money but she didn't owe it to me at that point. When she told me I was a card cheater and should be shot, I assumed she thought I was better off dead.

Everyone is playing the game, she said. Well, glad we didn't get to the card game version where you bluff and the cards aren't visible, because that could have literally not been fun, like it's supposed to be, just a game!

I am not including in this how she thinks winning is the most important thing to me. I beat her twice, the cards know me, I know the cards. Accept it, I win. How to lose friends: don't let them win or keep walking over you.