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 Pesin pyykkiä ja robotti-imuri Ruttunen hoiti lattiat. Siinä oli kyllä touhua tarpeeksi. Keitin teetä ja kahvia, luin luvun kirjaa. (This B...


lauantai 18. joulukuuta 2021

Dear Google would you please get your lawyers to call me thanks


Owing Google 70 euros for ads they did not deliver!!!!!!! DO NOT SEND COUPONS and year later tell me the adverts were declined

This is your blogging platform. My writings are yours, if you accept any of that...

do not claim it's me who is using malicious software or whatever??? I don't do that shit. The worst I can type (copy and paste) is a code preventing ad-blockers. Again, not me who is complaining. I comply to all the basic rules on my blog, if advertisers assume I have the wrong content, that's on them, it's on everyone who: chooses to hate 

oh how petty this must all be.