Most inhumane treatment from people you'd have cared about otherwise

 Mulling over things already starting to wear me down. I did some budget planning. I found out about kakeibo. There's no way I'll be saving anything with this income and that's fine with me. I'm trying to really make it on my own this month. I was a dozen minutes on my indoor bike. I've been browsing youtube on my phone though maybe just quit social media? I added a cozy filter on one of my tiktoks and suddenly I was called the n word by someone who dislikes black people. Like wut? I dream of having thousands of followers and a clean profile with no content on it. Just saying "I'm done" Hehe like out of order on some machine except it's your forehead...

Word salad.

Well I got a warning since my last post about content violation. I guess I mentioned tits. No pics, nuffin. Just that I've been dead for, oh dunno 12 years? Since they mistook I for an undifferentiated schizo. Well, ain't that shiiite. Imagine quarantined for 12 years and no one's vaccinating anyone. Just being boredn entertain thyself, like yeaaa

No ideas as to why I started typing English I guess my screensaver had "mull" on it and at first I thought it said "null" and it had broken but whatever. Too much youtube for one morning or before noon.

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