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sunnuntai 14. kesäkuuta 2020

Talking is fun if you know know what the hell you're talking about or inside jokes versus the sweat at the back of your bone of existing

Fiiiiiiine. I stand correctectedxteds. CUZ. My girl whose endearing nickname I have for a first name systah celebrated her twentieth-something-of-a-round around the sun; SO we all chose to take sides and BUUUURRRN under a canopy outdoors. Although all of us had a tan already. I would not rank all the people who were around according to who had the most tan.
There be a pomeranian, and all other 7 of us and me. Under ten people disregarding all the 1,5 meters safety proximity.
Food was nice too. Ate all the cake. Some bread sticks. Nobody touchèd the biscuits.
We talked everything. About J.K.Rowlings transphobia ("Do they still print her  books!?") to... uh, -101 about bullying and accessories and sleeping.
I got halfway through reading a law thesis before losing all concentration and yawning. Was about construction permits and one certain case, it had got the perfect grade.
It was hot, nice evening and song birds started their melodies as everyone left. I found about a red notebook with my drawings on it that I had explained what the pictures were representing and noted had been taken on it, but I had no recollection whatsoever of receiving or keeping that sort of childhood drawings??
I made a joke about omega-3 chicken eggs. In a fishing competition some had apparently cheated and together caught almost ten kilos of fish. The fish were boiled, dried, mashed and mixed with grains for feed to chickens. I was like "so that's where omega-3 enriched chicken come from that must be how they're advertised so" or something I can't really details anymore...
Not used to people saying my name when the last time I've seen them was before my diagnosis 10+years ago

I washed my dishes for an hour in a plastic low bucket after coming home. De-stress, anti-caffeinate, unthink, unsay, just clean the shit out of my smelly dishes

I must've drank so much coffee. From so small coffee cup. 
Thank you< = >Excuse me (as I leave the table)

I was about to make some more at home but what was I even doing no ideas. Filled my moccamaster for tomorrow morning.
Sweaty dress came off. My feet did not smell a lot because I had feet deodorant. Perhaps why the dog was not interested in MY toes.
Barefoot hobbits all around. Shady swing. Being the only one to cool myself off with a fan made of paper. My little rant about printing and mechanisms like plastic needing flexible ink that one might understand without a basic 2-year degree on print.

Uhh everyone wanting to build a dock or a pier where I've maybe been last time 6+ years ago but they'd promised to take me with them. I guess I'll have to go swimming on my own before that promise is fulfilled. Take off the winter coat for this year. If I do it on Midsummer hopefully not become a part of statistics of drowned people although I guess I can't really afford alchohol next week. 

I have une bierre a le my fridge but that is still there I guess I need a chill pill? Chicken butt. My makeup melted and I was fine and the party was kinda chill and everyone spoke in turns. I'm outgoing but sometimes the extroverts are louder so I have to steal a few words. Like about my chocolate cheesecake that was the best cake my stepdad's friend said he'd never had better cake in his whole life and then my second attempt basically falling or went flat. interesting huh when talking about rhubarb pies kissels juice and cake toppings we don't like...

Kudos to old people who can talk about 60 year old things because I can barely 15 years.

Pics taken: in bus a few of the +28C sign but they were kind of blurry and one of my knee and the carpet in front me and one of the thesis thingy which is probably in my email in it's 20x A4 glory if I want to divulge in some very sleepy material for a light reading or bedtime story

Moral of the story: don't feed the fish, make your sister laugh a lot, and uhh
yeah she kind of always has been laughing at me ever since she were a baby? It's like the background noise of my life really.
Just kidding. I self deprecate unhumorously so only smart ones laugh with me cause they've been in your shoes.

Gemini. All rap all laugh and giggle$



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