Unpopular opinion to never visit 'murica

What’s wrong with America They don’t recycle, the plumbing is old, the sleazy roadside hotels, gunlaws, people worshiping Trump, how much st...


perjantai 12. kesäkuuta 2020

struggles realness

I made kibbled soy bolognaise with full wheat pasta. That's all I've eaten today although I did fill some pita bread with the leftover soy kibble and only drinking some water.
It's past 3pm already and I've mostly slept. It's too hot inside and I keep either a window or door open. Was watching The Good Place on Netflix.
My friend called. She was shocked to find album pictures on her phone somehow arranged. I just told her that it was image recognition and my phone does it too because technology is so smart. Sort of true I mean just ask Siri?
What else. Friday feelings. Excuse me.
My Spotify premium ended and I need one week's worth of points anymore to get a new gift card from the consumer panelist I scan my purchases to. Although I do have the youtube premium now which is handy. Life is just living from paycheck to gift card to new credit to new month of lisences and phone bills to another costs. I don't have extra to live to the fullest but I've made those commitments so I guess it's my fault. Wearing clothes that I've had for ten years. Not really going out. Although I feel like going swimming. Summer is not long. I choose to suffer from it.