Ken lampeen kurkistaa, se kuvajaiseensa rakastuu tai ainakin Narkissoksella näin

Eskaloitui. Olen froggy lover


maanantai 1. kesäkuuta 2020

Business shouldn't be so usual but pandemic forces people out somewhen I guess

Mood: anxious
last eaten: lemon kissel& noodles, energy drink, potatoes, oatmeal with a few berries, coffee
background music: spotify this week's recommendations

I feel sort of manic. Sweating. Things move fast. PMS. memories flooding. In a hurry to finish the food. Burning my palate/tongue like as a kid. Sort of knowing when to stop. Must work in order.
when life gives you a lemon, make thick sweet soup

Therapist said school must've been hard for me and at home difficult. Secrets at home and forcing myself to school a bit too hard just getting in the habit of going. Being alone. Eating everyone else's chocolate confectionary so that I puke all Xmas Eve night and only afterwards perhaps limited the chocolate on Christmas. Drinking all the cola mixers in attempt of adults quit being drunk.

Ended with some quote about people seeing in others what they recognize they are vulnerable about themselves and hate you for it. Well not vulnerable but like similar.  People look at you, recognize themselves and hate the similarities. Poor self worth! Self-knowledge. Self...

Pub outdoor patios opened and library and buses were so full I can't.

Talked with myself about the lemon kissel recipe. Helps to remember what to need and do next. It's chemistry.

I don't remember when I chose the color of my raised fist emoji on my iOS devices (?)but I must be colorblind because no other color I see fit