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keskiviikko 13. toukokuuta 2020

Getting hungry and fat but I've given up sodas and eating more fibre and getting vitamins so what's wrong with eating?

I woke up. Checked my Posti app. Invitation to sleeping clinic next month.
Then I brushed my teeth. Made porridge with berries and brew coffee.

I was on a podcasting Masterclass which was free.
There was an ad on Facebook and I almost forgot joining it so I missed the first 45 minutes. "This is where the fun begins." except all the stuff was going to cost like 200 dollars. Yeah I have the money like I ordered a Petsies plushie with approx 200 dollars months ago and getting it shipped it to me, reaping the benefit, from like 3 or so months since I made the order when the doggie died and the new puppy is 3 months already
(getting sidetracker ok back to the thingy)
 It was okay even though my free podcasting service anchor was a bit frowned down upon based on it being able to place ads on your podcast about cannabis or whatever you might not agree upon. I just thought oh no. Breaking the law... lol. Anyway you can definitely do a free podcast with just phone and an app and it will be available on all the podcasting thingy's like Apple, Spotify, etc platforms. Shrug. I have 7 episodes since December reading out loud my diaries. I did another yesterday.
Now I'm actually playing pokemon. I have my switch and pogo open. I think pokemon go is a bit dead these days - all my friends have not played and not opening their gifts since "2+ days" which it shows. I have almost enough magikarp candy for another gyarados and same with meltans. Am so happy with the surprise trading, might go and "free melmetals to all" cause the lvl100 gigantamax pokemon holding Masterballs feel too good. I already joined the groups they were sent from on Facebook. On my Pokemon Shield game on switch console today been making progress on my dex. I bred and evolved and caught some pokemons. I'm going to get a Vespiqueen next from a femal combee, also bred a budew, caught a Basculin, Aegislash needed a dusk stone, Salasazzle was ready to evolve, just needed some xp and I'm ready to evolve kirlia to it's last evolution. Sneazel has to be evolved at night and I had to byu an item with battle points. But I think it's coming slowly together if that guy from the Finnish fb group trades me a flapple for my appletun.
For an hour I've been throwing balls at Meltans and I can soon get that last 1coin remote raid pass package as I have room for it. I have no great balls at all, just keep aiming the pokeballs mindlessly and sometimes utra balls. I have 300+ balls in inventory. I can't remember my last shiny, could've been one of the community day ones.

The MasterClass keeper/speaker about podcast confessed needing a nap or a walk and I agree after yesterday's recording I was pretty beat up too even though I'm the only one supposed to have made sense of my own diary entries...
I was so intelligent. Like IQ was 125+ when I was in extra small normal weight etc but they decided nope we'll put you in solitary confinement.

Wow. 00:00 on the meltan clock and it stayed on the map. Makes good for the first Meltan which crashed the app/game?

Anyways. So much good.