Tyyli on käsillä olevaan materiaaliin leimatun temperamentin tunnusmerkki

🥀 Music, when soft voices die, 🥀 Vibrates in the memory; 🥀 Odours, when sweet violets sicken, 🥀 Live within the sense they quicken. 🥀 R...


perjantai 20. maaliskuuta 2020

Jellicle sounds like a made-up word that won't resonate long in my memory

TRIGGER WARNING: strong opinions about your beloved pets! (or pests?) but long have they reigned

Finished watching Cats (2019). I never knew anything about the musical. Costumes maybe and the creature, cat. I love dogs and prefer those. Never really made friends with a cat. Fine taste. Too refined. Too hairy cough balls. self-absorbed maniacs. I do enjoy sadistically watching at ugly kittens of pinterest or the new tiktok and youtube trendy kitty torture method: the foil!, on top of places you don't want cat to walk over.
My only cat I was around when I was a kid belonged to a character in a book who was an ugly know-it-all and, the cat turned out to be half another magical creature.
I liked or enjoyed the music but not being into dancing myself, I see they made it look "not-akward" in the sense that cats are agile and resemble something to be worshiped as much as any wealthy r&b star worshipes money. So I get the musical connections to Egypt.
Still was kind of left wondering what the hell really happened in the end. Given a new life? Isn't that what every religion and advert promises really. Cats were supposed to have 9, how many can we steal from them! To be honest. I love mysteries but cats aren't just mysterious enough. I am easy person to avoid. And I should bring that carnivore meat every day if I kept one. Worst sides of having a hamster was cleaning it's cage and I can't stand pee smell for too long. I'd rather your breath stinks like poo.
Cat eyes, too interesting, though mesmerized me on my keyboard again I have sensor bar to give away. It was left over (kinda crucial part) from the wii I sold years ago. Then retrieve that amidst the Xmas decorations. Buy cigarettes. I will. Last another hour.