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 Aikaa on lentänyt 6kk siivillä siitä kun mulla viimeksi oli täällä vieras sohvalla nukkumassa viikon. Sillä tyypilla on myös vielä kuukaude...


torstai 13. helmikuuta 2020

"the way things are" DIY how-to get your life screwed

hi (boss of some affiliate-marketing site) thanks pretty much the same. on 31st January my adsense was disabled for sexual content and I hadn't even posted that day etc it's not my usual thing I guess people just assume because I'm so big and beautiful or something haha I get as much views as usual it's not big traffic– I have like a booking job now but I don't work all the time. It's from home too. Apparently I react to even small stress with my body so Mon-Tu: I had so bad cramps I am taking action finally to get my uterus removed and yeah basically couldn't sleep that night just build up a playlist of my youth to Spotify when I still was hopeful today my skin condition flared up Had to get a new modem and the wifi thing (I moved recently here my first flat) because Pokemon Home was released yesterday and OMG the provider seemed to have problems, no signal, and now I can't get my iphone 8 or 11 hotspot to work with my nintendo 3ds or switch but but it's all good!!! It's a bit cold in my flat because the caretaker guy was here to let air out of the radiators BUT he left them OFF so I'm freezing a little AND it just started to snow??? I feel so special that all of this is going on for me BEST REGARDS and sorry for all the TMI!

boss called, friend called, everyone calls me. Tips and tricks from Kajsa (yes her who blogs here) YES that dumb of a bitch, wasn't bloggin dead like every two years???