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 Ostin kaupasta tällä kertaa ranch dippimausteen ja kermaviiliä niin sain sellerit syötyä eli stringy waterit. Join kaverin luona kyykkysiid...

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Tampere, Pirkanmaa, Finland


keskiviikko 17. heinäkuuta 2019

None of these resemble me a lot

<->Short hair must mean you're male.
Thank god for AI's face recognition... not.

I had downloaded faceapp before.
Funny it let me have the free trial.
Apparently there's a challenge going on.)0(

I've played on two phones this afternoon. I've made chocolate semolina porridge for brekkie.

 There were Jehowa's witnesses at my door around 10am so I decided to get up. I'm a bit disorientated how much a person can sleep, anyways...

This week has gone so slow. I wish it was Friday so I could get the money from my festival ticket I sold. Do something else maybe.
old Kajsa

I  put a smile on all of them because my smile isn't pretty.