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Hamssuinen Helmi

Hamssuinen Helmi

Sorry for having a soft spot

Ruined orgasms and blowjob for an hour after which he had a call with his dad for an hour on evening of Father's Day, and I thought he had got lost or died while going to the nearby shop to get cigarettes.
Wouldn't fuck my mouth and thought I'd choke (too hardcore, eh?) but I stayed the night and he thinks I have sleep apnea. I just said it'd be a lovely way to die (in my sleep or sucking on a dick don't matter). He keeps bullying me verbally about having a syphilis when in actuality it's probably cervix cancer. 600 are diagnosed and 250 survive so 55 women die every year. What are my chances, 40% out of 1%?

I should put some pants on and getting ready to take a bus downtown. There's snow ya'lls. I have one pair of winter shoes mom got me last year.

I started making a client's evening ad to be printed at the library but haven't I got the education from graphic printing tech to support doing it all properly. What can you do when I'm the machine!!

note to self: do a bucket list

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  1. oisit ihan nätti jos sulla olis oksennuspussi päässäs


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