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torstai 18. heinäkuuta 2019

No, Pattison and Jon Snow did not make the cut

Male Hollywood Crushes ever. Well there's Angel and Hercules, but also young mr. Potter. There's Charles Xavier, and Lex Luthor but I was impressed by Robert Downey as a red haired nurse in some thriller and I watched so much America's Next Top Model that I was pretty taken by the Jay beauty... then there's the LiveMe celeb who I talked to a lot on there. I need to find some new crushes I can't just have an imaginary Legolas friend or like, swoon anymore after Ville Valo from HIM xDD

It feels good to be old. Seen so much movies I scrolled to the bottom of the list on popcorn-time and there's literally nothing more to watch. Granted I haven't seen Chucky movies or every movie I thought I would but for now I'm terribly good. /ooh, I have to add Benedict Cumberbatch now though... I had a dream about him once!

No reviews, just bingewatching my life away... everything from Exorcist to Tim Burton Movies, all the fantasy and sci-fi, zombie apocalyptic alien, and every comedy drama and biographic film or document or cartoon musical. I must have seen hundreds of movies. I used to keep track on icheckmovies.com or similar site. The thing is I don't want to watch black and white, classic "gone with the wind" or Japanese/Bollywood etc things.

I haven't seen The Thing. Too old movie like I sort of explained. Mum used to hate Jack Nicholson idk