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lauantaina, marraskuuta 10, 2018

A blog post in the language I woke up with...

Was at movies last night with a Korean woman I'm hosting. We went to see a premium experience in some special laser projector viewing. We had time to get sandwiches before the movie. We chatted about pretty much all the touristy things you can do in Finland and my city. My idea was a late minute one and she thanked me for it. At least I didn't bully her to go...

The movie was slightly shallow but the music was rock and roll. It was no Brokeback Mountain for sure. Left me having an earworm of We Are the Champions... I dunno, Freddy Mercury reminds me of my stepdad like Beverly Hill Cops Axel Foley does but maybe it's just the moustache for no reason. My stepdad's Chinese horoscope was a dragon and my mum's a snake

I woke up by my phone's alarm from a dream where I bit my ex's arm leaving dark red teethmarks, except the arm was more muscular and he looked cooler.

Me and the Korean woman talked a lot. People in the bus et cetera would understand what I say in English and comment something in Finnish and most often smiling. I was counting the number of corner shops in my area (Herwood) where I live and apparently it's not 3-4 it's 7 of them.

Touristy things would be the two towers where you can see far from the top, and world's best donuts you get from that cafe under the tower. Black sausage, salty liquorice, Karelian pies (Finnish pastry and coffee culture in general too) and how punctual Finns are. She showed me a Korean game show and they had Finnish dudes traveling to Korea and getting around for the sake of comparing cultural habits. Apparently the Finns were first ones to find their hotel in like five minutes and so on it was sort of funny with the ice coffees or using chopsticks..

Funny thing I don't like black candy just as I hate the chocolate from Hershey's for example. I don't think I've eaten good chocolate from America. It's a love or hate situation. She didn't know who a famous British chef was who was invited to Finland and taste our traditional foods and then he thought it was a joke because he totally thought the Karelian pies are fed to horses etc. Well the Easter traditional mämmi does look like shit but it's actually pretty good.

I've been only in European countries if you count Turkey in -97 and England in 05-06 and a few Greek holidays. Samaria gorge, I survived one of the longest gorges in Europe. But the year in Britain was best of my life. It's just that when I leave a place behind, even one just for traveling, I get so sad because I get attached to them.

There was some perhaps drunken kindergarden nanny in the bus with us and he kept a noisy conversation with anyone who'd talk to him. He even tried to chat us up but we just kept to ourselves. It was such a full bus the one before late night fees. Perhaps the tram they've been building, will be useful, but I doubt I can never naturally use it as transportation.

This isn't Helsinki, it's Tampere!

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