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tiistaina, lokakuuta 30, 2018

there's a shadow hanging over me?

Analyzing my blog text again through
- readability, 
-gender etc text tools online. 

Actually.... google translate has done a good job, or at least it's legible. Some things are funny and when I purposefully write in English, I can still make some rather hard to understand sentences. There was almost ten thousand words on the first page alone after translation!! I should be able to do a nanowrimo in a week lol. (50k words, starts 1st Nov)
Just chilling, wasting time, thinking what to do next... listening to Capital FM London from my Apple AirPods®. I'm excellent at writing things out of nothing... (people keep me throwing sticks at me)
I guess I use words like: just, go, goes, would, a lot... sounds quite much like I was just lazying around hiding under obstacles of excuses..?

-"Yeah." was my shortest sentence.
I guess, I don't get to speak a lot of English, baby!! hah ha. 
I do watch movies without subtitles etc read the first Harry Potter in less than a day when I was twelve, but... it's more like understanding more and less about being a native speaker or having to survive with one language only... I don't really live in an English speaking country...
sigh. I used to sigh a lot but then mom started sighing too and she stole my habit of swag. By the way!! I only wore black clothes today. Wearing black like my humor (as if it matters I don't even like black humor.) Bought a new black beanie yesterday, for my giant head
I was listening to a blog seminar by some lone woman whose apparently some blogging guru and does it for money now. 
She had some good points, like doing SEO and writing about ideas that are helpful to others so people would share them.

But... I have a niché already and I'm fine with being on my comfort zone with this blog. Do I really need to partner with brands, cause I pretty much have enough "content" already with whatever it is I do

I love what I do.

After all my diagnosis isn't who I am, it's just what I have.

1 million Finnish people apparently use mood drugs that affect the nervous system.

by the way, my statistics tell me that a lot of American peoples come to my blog. I dedicate the posts I make in English for them!

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