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torstaina, lokakuuta 18, 2018

oh just wondering how tough it is to retort something back when they say they appreciate you *dies*

My fave actor on his way to an audition for a TV show and mailing items for his fans in the post office and having instagram live on while he's getting a starbucks refreshener and sitting us down in his cup holder in the car while parallel parking in LA.
I sort of want the things he's selling but can't afford them right now bohoo! The light up and sound effect ghost/witch would've been too perfect but what's one gonna do after the battery runs out and it's just an expensive trinket like the skulls were, well sure it could have his autograph but I got plenty of them already like woot!

I was watching Supernatural Season 13 but somehow my binge watching was interrupted by the Dr Badass. He was in Supernatural as Ash, me thinks. I mean, I saw him on and kind of actually recognized that he was "from" some movies I'd seen. Too bad he quit and is doing instagram live and/or Periscope, cause I might've just kept spending money to send him gifts. But, he is too hot especially the Santa hat he wore and I won some paranormal investigation things and miniature cars and stickers but what I meant to write are: I compared our birth charts and astrologically it's like every time I see him it's just love at first sight. Then second thing was that I'm not like stalking him or anything but there was this ghostly ORB in a picture of him (a random screenshot I think) and even though I believe a lot of things (just deciding to ingnore most of it cause it's scary) all the paranormal things aren't the most important things to me and I do worship a goddess and god in a pagan way but like he's talking ghosts and blessing his items for protection and not sure I just... okay sure in the Uk some woman with medium connections said she saw and old gray haired lady hugging me, while we were sitting on a sofa just knitting... I wasn't instaneously like "omg omg grand grandmother where are youuuu" but a bit like, better not forget she said that.

Yea babbling but like, I just... dunno.. have no trouble understanding him and I don't want anything of him just because people recognize him or thought he was actor/famous/celeb or rich or something? What do people even care about these days but yeah he's hot for a guy my ex's age.

Looking away from my blog and then looking at my embossed dragon diary like-- I need to rip those golden edged pages and start some things!!! Hunting things!! Family business!! Pancake business. With a lot of exotic jam from the huggedy alive woman who grows her own pumpkins that never last until end of October though. I got jam. So much jam it's going to last until I wake up from hibernation baby

  although I kind of already popped open the bag of whiskey popcorn they handmake in Ireland and it wasn't very flavorful that way just sugary fudgety chunks of pop pop popedy corn!
personal revelation: I've never tasted candy corn
although I guess I've never been to Usa and at the rate I'm paying back my loans it will take me a dozen years or perhaps for, never ever I'd say and besides I sort of like how clean the air is in my country... why I smoke is probably worse than actually.. well uh nevermind


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