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game analysis after winning

Finland, go home you are so done!!

I won, this time a "homemade" board game about "joblessness in Finland", again with my quite brilliant strategy --- but the game took, like 1-1,5 hours when there were four players... Second place had a Master's Degree but it cost them the money, so greed never wins here --it is random with a chance of building, collecting, and trying to out-smart others --worst would be getting stuck (losing turns) or losing money, but you got to feed the game some energy too like not keep all the cash to yourself but use it!
There is only so much luck you can have if you are too busy doing just one thing. For example at the other side of the board there were experiences you could get more cash from doing and also, the chance to start again from the start?

Tonight had been advertised a lot but all the posters got wasted because only a few showed up&I even didn't stay for a chance to win another game

Listened to my airpods until they ran out of battery& got some random call from an unknown number that sounded male to which I just said like "Hello? I'm still at school"

About this game? pros and cons...:
+got to "visit" my favorite cities& got the job opportunity in my own hometown
+beat the game, wasn't bothered by the pitfalls of Finnish job seeking "opportunities"
+turned over the best pieces
-Had to fly and go by sea a lot, which was expensive to travel, free passes and an extra car only ate turns
-had to Vlog my experiences around the board and go "present it" where the game started
-No career, the job button I happened to find at the start which marked me as the winner quite early on
-You have show restraint in spending money

Tips: Cities, cities... avoid small towns especially if they don't have a shoreline! If you want to win, listen to other people too and collect the points evenly!
Advice to maker of the game: (he got plenty of suggestions already and I can't remember them to be honest)

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