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maanantaina, syyskuuta 10, 2018

Lost in thought like you and I

I can see where this is going. But, I want the bad guy or nemesis to die so I'll watch it with hope. Ends up to blame Stephen King for writing too well. Most captivating "time travel" horror episode with alzheimers being the scientific reason shit blew up in their face. But yeah, totally random in a non-systematic way of showing how evil works, with a hint of "voice of God" in your scenes.

Castle Rock, man...

one more episode to unravel. oops, binge watch?

 Made cake squares with a mocha spread on top and sprinkles and had some of it but my tummy hurts, so I can't purge on it either. It's kind of late already and I've got school tomorrow. I could have the lab back to responsibility over but apparently my ex is taking it to work with him tomorrow

fine... whatever...

devil bits...

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