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aren't ya glad it's the weekend

simple is good. Especially as a design on a t-shirt. Better than having a motto when you are exercising. "sweat is fat crying", "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"
but like, "happiness blooms from within" with some flower and grass stuff in between

Had to hurry home in the autumn rain. First thing I did was I cut my toenails I'm so weird huh
Bought juice, energy drink, pringles and noodles.
Noodles: how weak my legs are feeling. pringles: how single I am. energy drink: that after-sex feeling when you're spent. Juice: mouth orgasm.

Basically most of the morning was trying to understand how to put an off-set printer blanket back inside the machine when teacher had marked the front to be the opposite wrong end and it was loose and L shaped clickety stuff to just press in - gosh I don't know how to explainn,,... when I also printed a metal plate -and put the plates in the printer- and other one got stuck like again why and argh I have to do silk screen printing too in two colors no less

No pressure but I have to graduate in two years (one of which is over) and I'm still so blank at times my brain must've shrunk

I have nothing in my timetable for Thursday and Friday but still have to go do things and I got myself more homework again
well I didn't sleep so well last night, or quite a lot excactly... I drank a small beer, a shot of chocolate cream liquor and a booze+energy drink mix drink.

Once my feet stop being jelly I will go walk the dog hope it's not raining but if I forget to take the trash to the bin again I'll be mad at myself again but yeah and I should reserve a time for doing laundry as well I have so much dirty clothes.

*wants to stare into the distance looking at nothing in particular to gather her own strength back from all this*

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