anonyymit pysykää poissa! Kerjääminen kielletty


do does did done

Chatted with someone in English like private tutoring or something. Then I took the dog out. The weather is crazy warm all week-- don't even have to do anything I'll sweat!

First lesson 1. How do you do? -How do you do (not, I'm fine..)

Rest of the lessons ---when we got out as if to be tourists in a nearby shop and purchase me cigatters, which he failed at the cashier to be asking for it in English --and when we went to the elevator and I told him the polite way to say ladies first lol my brain melted already but it is in that situation where things naturally flow, you know?

Apparently he was hungover and tried to move the appointment forward by a day but he did that yesterday already and he'll be here again Thursday maybe. I was trying to look professional but when he left I put on a bright yellow dress :)

I asked him a lot of questions about his hobbies and family and work mostly. Tried to be helpful to cope in everyday tasks maybe, he didn't want to write anything down so no reflection journal blah

He left some books here as well and I thought I'd give them a bit of a skim and then pick or choose something for him to do. They were like Finnish high school exam preparation books and other one with the "solutions"

I was watching Marvel's Inhumans before I started to prepare a bit for this guys visit... I even saw an error in the subtitles. I had to go back and I clearly heard that the actor said "I'm the queen.." and not "king" (kuningas) when she killed some inhuman with a healing ability though

I have Spotify on with the playlist metal and rock for jogging e.g. it's a bit loud I'll have to charge it again soon argh (iPhone)

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