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cooling down on the floor

Oh yes, the weather. Kind of dangerous. Think I got a heat stroke yesterday?

Slept on the floor last night. Tried to sleep in bed for two hours before heading out the bedroom and got blamed for waking him up and pretty much everything pointed fingers at. Saw this cool relationship goals quote about dumb guys wanting to make you normal while if I  maybe was married it would be that they appreciated my weirdness already

I really don't care. He hasn't realised I blocked him on whatsApp and from calling and deleted him from my friends on facebook. I'm sick of him in a way that I've thought whether I hate him. He reeks of crazy it comes off him like waves hitting me with nausea

or it's something else hitting me entirely. I mean I might have started hearing some sort of engine noise or wheels turning inside my brain a lot of the time. It's like coffee table jazz except I don't feel good at all. or perhaps I started no notice that sort of noise and I dunt liek it

did not watch the meeting but apparently these are lovers that fighting over things too

***Not sure if trump wants russia's gas more than Putin wants to own Finland***

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