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Sori jos oli kärkevää tekstiä eilen..

Anthony Bourdain oli tehnyt itsarin joten oli vähän herkässä siitä puhe. Laitoin äsken taas apulaan ilmoituksen jossa koiralle annetaan koti. Eksyin profiiliini ja tein testin, jossa mulle sopivimmat rodut tuli esim. kiinanharjakoira, lapinkoira ja sit cockerspanieli ekana tuloksena. Meikälle ei ole kyllä väliä sillä että jokin rotu "ei kuolaa". Joten en tiedä mihin laitoin väärän rastin?

Eilen käytiin kaupungilla. Söin vitosella 10kpl sushia. Sit tarjosin mukaan tulleelle tyypille pari kaljaa ja itse jatkoin viskipohjaisilla juomilla. Meni hieman ehkä rahaa, mutta oli vaan pakko päästä tuulettumaan.

Tossa mitä olen kirjoittanut tekstejä; (englanniksi)
My dad had two white west highland terriers when I was growing up, mum took care of a few zebra finches of her friends', I had a golden hamster and an aquarium, and my friend has a fox terrier. I used to walk dogs on IoW RSPCA on my exchange year in the UK.

My hamster was a black male with a white spot under his chin. We thought the first cage of his was too small for him, so we got a 3-story one I had to pay for myself. He lived for 2.5 years exactly, since I left his care for my mother and step-dad for a week and then he died. The last thing I remember about him was giving him some cucumber in his nest where he spent his last days in the bottom part of his cage. He didn't see anymore as there was too much dust from the sawdust. He licked my finger when I was giving him the cucumber and for a long while I thought he actually tried to bite. I have warm feelings for my hamster, and though I didn't let him be free on the floors, my stepdad made a big wooden house for him to sometimes stash in, but he always came up to see if I had treats and be taken off it. He was a happy hamster and I was it's happy owner and took care of him. Where I bought him, his mother apparently taught them to drink from the water bottle and we brought some nest material in the beginning from his childhood home, so that he didn't stress out too much. It was promised that they live 2-2.5 years and I totally expected him to live as long. It was my cheer will which kept him alive, I hope he was a healthy hamster. I tried to give him worms, but I failed because it was disgusting and the worms wriggled, but it would have been a good source of protein. I let the worms grow for too long in a jar and they became some sort of black beetles, but no one hardly believes me. He also liked corn and nuts etc. vegetables. Sometimes his puffy cheeks were full of stored food.

She has a very bad allergic skin, only eats pellets with no flavor. Her mother is an International Champion. She bites a lot and makes holes in my clothes, and eats my shoes, when I visit my friend, the owner. She also tries to hump. In a way she is a crazy dog, and should've been given more discipline as a puppy, but her owner let her bite her hands. I taught it to sit, go lay down and give a handshake. So she is even smarter than her owner. She loves me dearly, and I visit this dog every week... She is hard to groom because of her temper, and barks if a doorbell rings, but also when she meets her mother at the park. She is good with other dogs, except the bigger ones which she would enthusiastically meet but would get attacked on probably. It's a good-natured dog otherwise. It is not that popular in this area, I heard all of the fox terriers here I've seen are somewhat related. I enjoy playing with her, as she likes to hold a sock or a toy in her mouth, and I try to pull it away from her. She probably already knows I'm faster than her, because sometimes we can spin for ages.
Dad had two of these and I grew up with them from a baby, we shared the floor space. So, when my little sister was born, Mikke only walked across the baby's blanket and didn't as much as sniff the scent on it. Great family dogs. I was warned about the other one, Joni, that it kind of didn't like me or people as much, liked to be more aggressive, or bark than the peaceful other one, that lived a longer life. Something was wrong with him when they/him got older and vomited their food on the yard. They always ate this risotto type of food, it's the only food I won't eat... as it was the dog's food. My dad taught them discipline very well and they were obedient dogs. I once tried to walk Mikke on my own, but I forgot his leash, so I had to carry him back. What an idiot (me). They are the reason I am a dog person, and my little sister wants a westie badly. I grew up with these dogs, I really did. My dad told me he sometimes wakes up in the night and can still hear the dogs breathing or walking around... it's kind of creepy, but lovely.


We rescued him from a guy who worked shifts and his children wouldn't care for him so basically he was fat and kept on a leash on the yard. There was also a divorce. Aku had a hot spot when we got him on his chin. He has been happy with us. He farts a lot but lucky we have air purifier at home. Also there is lots of stray fur everywhere on our clothes and carpets. We feed him the good stuff and take him out lots. He weighed 45kg when we got him, now ten kilos less and healthy. Has high sex drive and I helped him to impregnate a bitch. There was just one puppy because the bitch had been fat as well and couldn't hold his weight. He is from a known breeder and long line of hunting dogs. We took him to a dog show twice. Planning on doing blood trail tests etc for hunting merits. He was born on Valentines Day on 2009.

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