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well what. nothing. no, what then? ...

it may be that I was misunderstood when I typed into google need. now gifs
I needed specific gifs and it couldn't read my mind ah well
i'd have summarised my sleepless night with a gif or two.. the one with a chimphanzee playing "dramatic music" and the emoji poop sliding on top of the ice cream one and it's the same shape

but I guess context is everything and makes things just as good as, as if it was inside a circle

*blows a bubble*

might as well tell a joke. so here goes!

Why did a blonde stop breathing during the night?
Answer: her walkman died of batteries and she could no longer hear the instructions to breathe, from the headphones...

or I could've asked why did the blonde die but alas. if you stop breathing it's kind of sure you ain't alive.

*inhales through her nose sharply*

actually expressing myself in English is so much easier? depending whether feeling ambiguous or not

Life update ok ok... soooo, not slept last night, sun is supposed to be up but I can't see "her" and was tweeting a lot of unuseful things, literally not making much sense at times just going with the built-in autocorrecting/suggesting keyboard
because I'd have typed one tweet for 5 minutes with the regular keyboard I type Finnish with,
and besides I'm not very good with time or which o'clock it is.

some have gotten sleep and are still asleep. I haven't got anything done or like achieved anything because "oh I'm so sleepy/tired etc excuses," same as the ones why I couldn't go to sleep in the first place.

 sleep is kinda top1 on my list of priorities it's just well, can get too much of it too,
muahaha. I could sleep like forever until I'm sleeping beauty except on my feet or standing up instead of laying down lol.

hehe. still not funnyy. well, I had some moments when I thought to myself that if one dug deep on what I like really meant with some of so rudemental tweets then,
there'd be like a heureka and all the bad stuff would just go away and nah, I don't even wish anything actually but one can really make a change determined not to behave like some animal

that reminds me I should play my farming game,
or well... tweep tweep.

birds been twirping outside for a while now! such pretty twirps. mmmnh mmkay trynna stay awake now and not actuallys likes add an s after everys sentence cos mights be horrendous to readers to try too reads it but guessings thats childheesh to think anyone else butt me whould evan read meh writings unless. you are still talken to a computer and its a data thats stored and not even mine

so no. everything fun is illegal

spoilsport. great katsbyeh. mmmnnn I'm loving the fresh air from the open window and the chirps chirping away like,

where was I,   trynna not to fall back to sleep and at least make a sense of these thoughts by.

*scratches her knee pit in a roughly manner to make it go away*

passion is like an itch, the more you scratch the more other people start to think they need to scratch too... depends on whether the Chinese really meant passion=fire in the old chinese wisdom that you have to burn to lit others, and even a tiny spark can burn down a lot perhaps

Would be running out of ink if I was actually doing anything real just about now but, it's just some fatty fingers brushing against a machine ....

making myself hungree again. like aggitated in a hungry way so yes please and sorry not sorry

*sigs the fuck out of the furballs in her throat* honestly. the only time I get to have a pleasant laundry detergent smell on my clothes is when I buy a pre-owned sweater !

so there goes my money if I ever want to smell nice things

...crap I am so hollow inside... whereas it could be just my... diabetes type II developing if I keep going this way (I'm so glad I don't have one. yet.) *knocks wood*
not that I was superstisious in any way...^

it's just I'm viscious in a sith-y way :P:P ok I think I'm almost done it seems. waking up my fiance as soon as and forcing his penis into me until  ...well I guess he'd go pee and complain he wasn't ready
so no, it's not being horny thats kept me awake... as mentioned before I'd been sleeping a bit too much so I'm compensting. there. Sache la verite! => French or some other language I witnessed in high school a teacher  say

Knowing the truth is a big mouthful of something I don't need in my life. so yeah "if it fits"


to be or not to be continued, if so, how often and when I'll have the time...

would of have finished this strong if I'd had some more wisdom or pro life tips to give out...
all's been said and done before
do what you do best with what's given to you

less is sometimes more. everything turns to shit eventually. chocolate is better than sex.
'oh never mind the last one I think that's only true if your actually stuck between romance or a bar of chocolatey mood booster also known to give pleasure
unless you are like me and have your dopamine/serotonin receptors blocked by some ssri medication in which case... it is not normal to kind of anything... end of points made.

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