anonyymit pysykää poissa! Kerjääminen kielletty


oh life, you are wasted on me

two minutes past midnight

still awake

Must've spent a couple of hours at least on yet another role play site? I joined and... well, it was exam week and I got the special rainbow effect on my name, and they had some sort of awards ceremony in the chat, so of course I managed to piss off some Jedi folk with my sithness.

Made a list of the diff. subjects they had and got through 3/6 exams (with a little help from google) but there are seven exams left, which I could take. umm, what the factual exclamation mark!
star wars has got to be more popular or having more extensive world building than harry potter, surely? got to be the explanation

anyways, I think I ate too much today again. bought two ice cream . a smoothie, a "no sugar" drinkable yogurt, made some random sandwiches, had a ton of chocolate spread, a few handfuls of crisps and energy drinks (2) and a litre of pepsi max, cocopuff cereal type of thing breakfast, two mugs of coffee with some teaspoons of sugar,
and perhaps some other things I can't recall or I'm just too full and numb to even think of anymoree

ok. my eyelids are getting heavier. I'm just so boring if I think so myself.

Took dog out, walked 4-5 kilometeres with it and made him take a dip in the nearest lake (which is, not that far obvsly)
paid my electricity bill and home insurance bill and my iTunes bill lol's (call it that I guess)
still could not afford a game boy color game on ebay but . maybe kinda wants it cooz I never playeds it never knew there were any!?,

just terrific photoshop rush job
but even so. may the Force awaken in all the siths places

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