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maanantaina, toukokuuta 07, 2018

No accouncements

Maybe I should dye my hair black. It looks like pubic hair anyways from the back of my head.
Might have gotten a pink eye trying on some old contact lenses... I didn't have one for left eye so I tried the one I had left for the right eye... What Could And Would Go Wrong, right... the only eye drops I had probably had gone off too. FML.

Other than that it's been a warm day and been walking sleeveless to shops, library, post office, and a lake with birds that the dog would've loved to catch swimming. It turns out I look ridiculous??!
Besides the callus/corn on my foot I thought was a wart, was kinda akward to go to a pharmacy not knowing what it was even though a doctor told me it was a wart and what I should get for it-- and the pharmacist knew what I was looking for since I asked for "wart plasters" and whether those exist. Oops. It hurts on my left foot on the side. Maybe bad shoes, or some other trauma or just too much standing at school on the printing machines.

Telling the dog to fuck off... thinks I have something for him to eat. He's getting too attached, even follows me to the balcony when I'm smoking a cig.

I would fucking watch pr0n right now if my eyesight worked and we didn't have a guest showing up soon. Blergh. I dunno, feeling more myself today.

Yea I did eat too much leftover lasagna and the pie I made and I puked earlier but it's not like I binge often. I mean, I'm just a fattie who forgets to puke.


the atmosphere on my blog is pretty dead? Goes well with my self-esteem how morbid it is.

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