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my struggling Sundays

Bought a scrubber with a handle to clean my bathroom tiles in the flat we moved into in Feb. Used bleach and I kid you not - the water was a pale yellow! How dirty.

Also bought like regular kitchen - I called them scrub'ers.. been watching too much ocd cleaners on youtube maybe... but I was supposed to come home and start playing my nintendo switch like there was no tomorrow...

I alo got some L-shaped hangers to put on the balcony so the flower planter can hang from the edge of the balcony??

Dog got some raw food we'll put half and half of that and his nibbles.

Honestly I don't know if I invent these words as I go. nappulat=nibbles? jynssäri=scrubber ?

I have school tomorrow and after it an appoointment with a specialist doctor for some therapy and he has questions about it that need to be asked. I had the wrong appointment time on Friday so it's a reschedule.

We went downtown, there was a carboot sale but it was already near ended... lol

and I had two bowls of salmon soup that was so creamy and mushy and yum.
Dog was kinda hot having to be in the back of a car but it's only going to get worse,
today wasn't even like very hot& the car is parked underground, so...

basically I just have the belt part of some (blue) tights as my bra. It's a hack of somekind. yeah don't go and ask anythin'

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