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tiistaina, toukokuuta 08, 2018

I'm sorry but I don't know truly anything

Cleaning takes bloody time. Watching OCD cleaners from YouTube cleaning the messiest houses in Britain, and got some inspiration from that. Been using a slightly alkaline cleaning product.
I'm getting athlete's foot from this kind of stress... It started with watching minimalism videos, and finding my Clear The Clutter book. Also expecting guests is stressful?!!

Not sure if cleaning really does it for me. Sorry...

Sure I'd love pretty things. I'm also kind of functional minded...

I have some money and I really need to buy new shoes. That, or shoe deodorant :/ it's just the issue of where to look because my feet are a size 42 in European, or more --and they're quite wide.

I have like 13 notebooks if people coming on Thursday want to craft some swaps like slam books. I have popcorn, and we could always brew coffee. Someone is bringing chips and another one fizzy drinks...

//Noticed my British English yet??

Yeah so... it does feel heavenly for a bit to but talc in between my toes, but it's starting to get to the point where I have to put some kind of fungus medicine on it just to make sure. I know I don't have toe fungus, but still.

According to the wristband lines on my arm, I'm pretty healthy (Pinterest crap I saw today).

What else... tried to pee in a pot today but my second attempt failed. I should've taken at least one tube to the lab today but, failed. Maybe still have time for that today but unsure if the lab is open/where is the nearest one...

I mean since I'm so obsessed with my phone all day long I might as well get obsessed with my home as well if I'm here all day long :~D™

I have school tomorrow I think and then on Friday. That is only three days this week. like wut.

Weird, got some phone call where the line was pretty dead... hmm.... weirdness for weird's sake.

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