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A couple of words on a couple of words

My assignment for Diplomacy, Year 2, week1

Peace and emotions,
by A. Earthflier

The most common meaningful emotion is always the most searched for, love. But love is also a lot more than love for someone's looks or appearance, it's compassion too. Some would argue real love is hard to come by, but the love for a child is the first thing human beings learn when becoming parents. It is unconditional. Peace is much constrained to politics and current affairs, it isn't determined by the heart. If peace was an emotion, it would be cool and rational. People who have emotions are more intense, they are less predictable.

Finding peace sounds like a "quest". It is sought after pacifists, it demands decisions and good communication. Peace is letting go of emotions and thoughts sometimes. It is similar to finding Nirvana, something a religious leader might have found after a lot of self-searching, fasting, meditation and who knows what to achieve such a state. When peace is the current state, not a lot is fought for or sought after...

The connection between peace and emotions is that you can have a bit of peace but you can only have so much emotion while being at peace. Love connects us to other people's weaknesses but peace is much harder to obtain unless everyone actually worked for it. History is written by winners, not by the weakest or those who have stayed to lick their wounds...

sources: my imagination and previous knowledge only

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