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"sorry guys I like girls." or not. cause I'd be pretty asexual

To tell you more,

I've life experience from thirty years. I've been living here (in Western Finland) and a year abroad. Now in Herwood since February, there was mold there in the roof in the walk-in closet. My partner is a really outspoken sort of guy, I open myself mostly by little silence and through small reminiscences (to my friends, colleagues, strangers etc). Tbh my money situation is bad, the medication is going to be replaced, & I've had a couple of years of menstruating already because of trying out intrauterine device's ...Ten years ago I weighed 66kg, now weighs more than 125kg...  no diabetes but I snore. I'm a dog person. I have short hair and I thought to grow your own hair color back from underneath this bleached yellowness. Makeup I use sparingly, mascara's today ran on my cheeks again while going about. I'm in 2-year college. 15 min walk away. This week, however, I got a ride from the guy. Later today, I drank one beer and a little cider is left, but usually could not afford to drink. I've never really been keen on going in the bars. Mixei (that gaybar) I went a few times a couple of years back because their birthday cake was really good. I used to spend some time in the library when I was younger. It was really my first kiss with a woman and since then my sexuality awoke. She already has children now. Then on a webcam sometimes once with a woman once and it was a very hot, I had a black fitness ball underneath. When I lived a few years ago on my own. Also with a woman, we exchanged a few emails and pictures, but then there was nothing more. I'm really looking at the style of a sex-only relationship because I haven't been out to experiment. But have the courage to write a longer message if you want, but preferably leave the prejudices behind the back door - and focus on the fact that it would also be possible to meet. ;)

TO do's:

  • stop bleeding for fuck's sake
  • not get friendly with the woman you want to fuck or else you can't do it
  • be more gay
  • next Monday go to that chat about asexuality on tukinet

----> btw translated with google translate so excuse me for even trying to be real quick about it. (AND YES )
that is a real email I sent. just translated from my language I guess.

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