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Wasting my time at home. I should walk 15 mins to my college and start doing them graphic stuff.
Not sure if adjective or noun. Noun would hint what I'm studying but adjective would be the vivid graphic thing that... my life is.

I am sweating like it isn't normal. We have snow and I have a winter jacket and a small top but the jacket is open and I'm still sweating like crazy. I just got my injection yesterday like every four weeks. I got it on my arm and that hurts.
But the side effect for years has been this sweating and the pimples on my folds. I have had only the side effects out of my mood meds :/ breast milk might have been slightly worse than this. But the weight gain just makes me most ashamed.

Maybe I started blogging in hopes of people finding out how they ruined my life. I've been blessed with daily life of fuckery because of whoever has tried to help me mentally... it's been a constant complain.

Yesterday I printed some lined paper. I couldn't care less anymore. I just want to do the examination thingy already because I can do it ya knows. I'm kinda brilliant...

I just want to get the hormonal iud out of me so this bleeding stopped. Then I want the ssri meds changed. Rest which would follow would be just bliss.

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