anonyymit pysykää poissa! Kerjääminen kielletty


Fanituotteet saapui! Olen nyt kummituksenmetsästäjä (lol)

headlamp, flashlight, ghoststalkers stickers, f&f mini cars

I went to get the package and almost ripped it from the hands of the postal worker when I saw which package it was.

They are now mine! dunno what to do with miniature cars though. I know a kid who collects them but still, a kid.
Should I put the signed ghost sticker on my iPhone or macbook? So many unsanswered things surrounding what to do with them. I feel like these are for a Kajsa whose 8 years old and a boy... but i guess dad always wanted a boy
it's a good thing death and so many other stuffs aren't just feelings.....

I am the perfect owner for theses I really ams
Went to graveyard and saw lind's and berg's everywhere but no lindberg's

also describes me at the moment
Käytiin pitsalla ja käveltiin ympäriinsä joten olen melko dööd.

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