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won't even escalate that quick

I'm a sucker for love stories... unrequited love, the disney-kind, joker&harley. It could be cause I suck at love. I mean I do love myself, right? No matter what. If there is some sort of chemistry though I might still totally miss it. For example Jack Reacher I was like bleh. And we get out of the theater and my friend starts fuming about the chemistry in the movie and I'm like, what? No way!! It's more like Twilight for me. The endless passion of two platonic lovers like Mulder&Scully. I can't believe how much Charmed I've watched and the sisters were all dating different men and making love spells and whatnot and I didn't realise what sexy skanks they were. I mean, I'm a spice-girl and I didn't have any spice in my girls life until I was 21. I didn't understand the hint of lolipops baby spice sucked in every music video. Well, I'm not sure if I understood the '2 become 1' but maybe I did yeah. My first kiss was quite passionate but it was with a girl and I don't think any kiss since has been better, ahem.

I don't even know how to flirt. I mean, I have a lazy eye sometimes but. I'm not winking at peoples.
I was browsing through instagram and saw I wasn't the only one having the same problem so I laughed at the video. Situations come to play, caring, making observations. People only do what they do to avoid doing other things... I wouldn't call myself asexual maybe or pansexual even though my sexual pleasures can be somewhat random or made up fantasies or something... but yeah books are sexy. I don't care if it's the Bible. French is sexy, hit me up with some garçons. Being gay is unachievably sexy even though it's quite rare to find a romance between a gay male and a straight female but alas, I've found some on tv and it was called Bob&Rose.

Can't fix what isn't broken. Everyone has the need. I just delayed mine a little bit. I wasn't saving it up for anyone special I just always knew I wouldn't be able to stop laying around if I started. It's possible to trust that kind of intuition especially when it comes true...

I'm prolife though so I'm glad I don't have babies anywhere. I kinda don't want to give them schizophrenia while they spend the time in my womb.

fiancé wants to go see Red Sparrow in cinemas but I don't think I want to go... Atomic Blonde was the last "spy" movie we saw and that was alright but the RS has Lawrence on it and I didn't like her in American Hustle or whatever the movie was supposed to be... I'll rewatch Hunger Games and sing The Hanging Tree but some roles aren't just... you know?

whatevs and thanks for reading. I know ya'lls love my "broken English"

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