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purging anything unreal on here and keeping real life to myself

Sometimes in my dream I'm on Isle of Wight in South-West of England. I spent an exchange year there, but it's usually way different in my dream, sometimes I'm looking for a bus card there. I found it, I was with some girls,  but I couldn't have one because I showed them an old one and it said my permit had expired or something. They were happy to give me one before telling at the kiosk that I had been there in 2005 and it's been over ten years. I asked whether I had to have an address on there to get one. It would've only cost ten pounds to recharge it but it was so hard to find.. the rest of my dream was full of STUFF and walking in places like museums and sometimes an item would brush my hand and I would try get rid of something I grabbed accidentally...

gosh I feel so crazy this morning. I mean the island is actually quite boring but in my dream it's like a disney world with carnivals and shops by the sea etc. well...

I have that test in a few hours and real life and gahhwd. Never mind some quest for bus cards. I'm just glad my alarm went off.

I'm going to wake up and smell the coffee. that's what.

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