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keskiviikkona, maaliskuuta 14, 2018

on diets (wizardly fashion)

Your Homework:
Food, diets, and myths, behind the will to sell more food on the market

by Kendra Binns

Muggles have this thing called a calorie. It is not a little fairy that every night sews your clothes a bit tighter, but a term used to how much energy it takes to melt a cube of ice. Muggles determine their calorie intake in categories suh as fats, carbohydrates and protein. Sugar is a carbohydrate that is very processed and in everything to make things taste better. Fats used to work like sugar making food taste better, but a craze came out that fats were detrimental to your health. Fats are indeed the opposite. Humans need all of those categories of foods, some have the will power to exclude one category and lose weight fasting or malnutritritioning themselves. Being fat and being too thin are both a type of malnutrition. A muggle can be in the poorest country and be still fat, because she or he eats only white flour etc processed things. If you were rich, you would add low-fat milk products to your diet. Fruit and vegetables have a lot of fiber so that is what makes those healthy. You need to be able to poo regularly.

Food industry in muggle world wants muggles to buy a lot of the foods they produce but still some goes to waste. A supermarket is built to make you hungry with bright earthy packaging, etc marketing gimmicks to force the food on you. They want you to buy, the newest candy, open it, have a good taste, and throw the wrappers away... but who want their eating experience to be like that? Thin people eat by the table sitting down, and on autopilot.= If they'd eaten more, they'd go without eating for a longer time and also have a regular form of exercise.

Common diets are quite boring, usually the same and you'll get bored and gain the weight back after dieting. Muggles will try anything.

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