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The Slytherin whom I look up to the most
by Kendra Binns
Severus Snape was a Headmaster of Hogwarts and a Potions master in the school. He was the head of Slytherin House and was sorted into it himself. Born 9th January 1960 and died 2nd of May 1998. He was half-blood.

Most wizards hate Snape for being a Headmaster during the battle at Hogwarts and that he was inner circle with the Death Eaters. Harry Potter named his child after him and knew the truth about his involvement in the battle and without him there hadn't been the victory for Harry. Snape's involvement was large and he hid his intentions from his "Master" and as Voldemort got more power, the sneakier Snape would get helping to destroy horcruxes. 

Snape was always in love with Lily Potter whose Patronus was a doe as well.

Severus was a coward but not for his own life. That moment when Snape had told Voldemort overhearing the Prophecy a seer was telling Dumbledore and he realised the boy was Lily's son, he was afraid for Lily's life the most. He asked Dumbledore to hide the Potters. He pleaded with his life and Dumbledore never doubted his allegiance to himself. It wasn't as if Snape was good or brave, his was just stern in everything, including his love life. Snape was complex in many ways, he was hated and he was trusted, and he never swayed. Except when he let Lily go, because he cared too much. He came resentful. He cried for Lily and wanted revenge of her death. If he hadn't felt like Lily's death was his own fault,  he wouldn't have been such a good double agent.

I chose it because I think it was a turning point for Snape and explains his character well. He was never good or bad, just a boy in love with your mom...

The Prophecy about the Chosen One was a big celebratory moment in the history of the wizarding world. Had Voldemort chosen to ignore the prophecy, there wouldn't have been anyone to beat him...

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