anonyymit pysykää poissa! Kerjääminen kielletty


Mitä tilasin, mitä voitin, mitä saan??

my amazon order is cumming. so is the giveaway prize !!!! He sent proof even<3 so fingers crossed!

God Bless Am.. murica...

Going to bed in a few mins. Appreciating for a little bit more.
My devices are low on battery and I'm being called..
but yeahs. I ordered a costume jewelry ring again so I might wear it and I always wanted to try nad's? It was on tv commercials like when I was little. I'm pretty random that way + hay, free shipping??

The post about paranormal human actor C.L is coming when I receive my prize... I dunno, I'll be thrilled??

the end, BUT there is some latin on the bottom..:

 Title is like a cliche of people ordering from China and saying "this is what I ordered... and this is what I got" that's supposed to be funny I guess.(: except that I added "what I am getting??" though cuz apparently Mr. Badass uses post office!
All things considered I won't stay up until 3am over this clearly, so...

Happy saint paddy's& it was nan's Name Day so I had cake and she fed us well --so I kinda wasted all day over there.

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