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sunnuntaina, maaliskuuta 18, 2018

Making sense for me is like seeing the sunshine through the clouds...

Knitting. Is it just my appstore that nudged me to pick up my needles?

Ahh, the memories and constant remainder on my left index finger to stop knitting too much because I have a callus on that finger from knitting too many scarves when I was younger. I counted I have two feet of pink-lilac-light blue-purple and now with added grey stripes *= 2 feet long of a scarf. For my size it isn't long, can only go around my neck once but

Was going to tell a little story from, was it 2010 or 2011.. I had this online boyfriend R. Miller who I talked to and wanted me to go to the USA... he was a bartender. Smoked weed when I saw him on webcam one time... He was old. Sent me a picture done with the fatify app on iPhones, his dick, his house etc. Well, I wanted to run away. Ended up losing my passport to a relative (I was admitted when we were chatting) cause of getting so drunk I can't remember a lot but he took me back to the hospital and I had the hangover of hangovers. Still, I knit two matching scarves there (quite long too)
and tried sending him the other one but it came back address unknown, attempted, opened.

Yea so that was the story... now I found a Hollywood's own celeb who occasionally wears scarves and it hit me I could send him one??? The idea just came like a lighting from the sky...

Anyways. I was almost getting back to myself. I realise I have school tomorrow... it fucking sucks kinda day again with the teacher I either love or hate. So it's going to be rough. I'd rather be strong instead of like, letting the criticism get to me and stuffs.

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