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intoxicateds slightleys

30cl (out of 35) 35% vodka and a half a litre Bulmers pear cider. I still have two cans of beer in fridge and dunnoes. TGIF? Wasted some money in chadstore :D Ordered a signed photo. I don't have those yet... he tweeted me hope I find something fun.

Well, life isn't fun for me mostly. It's not hollywoodsigns and partying and loads of cash.

Did update my billing info on audible. Been there since 2013 and they take a monthly charge for book credits... I was listening to some 50shades Grey shit on my way to the store to buy crisps. My fave brit celeb doctor mentioned in a tweet he was eating crisps publicly :D lol. but yeah not my reason to overeat today, like fuck. I went to lidl and bought icecream and easter chocolates... also had no breakfast so I went to subway and tasted bad af but I don't care.

A child asked on a bus from his father why we did come from apes and I agreed with his answer on evolution having no reason as to "why" but adapting to environment and shits.

Maybe dollars just feel so cheap. I dunnoes. Like food here is so expensive and I would still only buy treats for myself. It's complicated. I also got some frozen broccoli as well? and chicken breast. I guess it's my cheat day XD

was getting up-to-date with some Hell's Kitchen and then Walking Dead... ate almost two dips (taco&tsatziki) with bbq crisps

goddamn food is boringg but yeah. I was like, fuck this blog, earlier today? It's all in my head anyway...

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