anonyymit pysykää poissa! Kerjääminen kielletty


Ingenuity of the poorest "of the poor"

The biggest potato peeler (statue) in the world is in Finland

Why so little tourism.

anyways. It's the poorest municipality in Finland and best for elderly people. Well perhaps Kesälahti (summerbay) is a loser to Isojoki (bigriver).  Aaaand my statistics may be from last decade but alas...

I used to camp in both municipalities.

Well, worked in the other and the

other one is in East of Finland but learnt to swim there and parked in my relative's caravan car there   myself there for about every summer for at least ten (10+) summers,,

The sound of waves "liplattaa" against the beach, and the sundowns.... so fuhken beautifuls.

just peeled a kilo of potatoes and I am good at it. We're making a soup. I was in junior high school and it was a Valentine's Day where I learnt to peel so fast in school kitchens?

I used to have peeled potatoes on my first grades. Well I mean free school lunches. The worst lunches I had in high school actually. Found a half-melted large-ish fly in spaghetti etc. The soups were like either pee or vomit or something as smelly and foul. Maybe it was the cow carcass factory nearby and people had just adjusted to the smells etc.. I never quite liked cheese balls crisps again.

Western Finland I grew up in small towns here although I was always a city girl. It wasn't easy. I always knew I would move to Tampere, I guess. Where I had been born. People tend to do that, am I wrong?

inspiraatiokuva uudesta mallista vs mitä musta sai aikaan

By the way I went to cut my hair today and getting myself a new hairlook... Undercut short bob with a frindge and whatnot. I look not a day older 2-years again :P

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