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maanantaina, maaliskuuta 19, 2018

g(et) t(he fuck) O(UT)

The truths of the day, as told by yours truly....... 

'cause when it's me it won't be that bad. So, Tuesday; you were a good day but you sucked!  You were a day of wasted time! I didn't learn anything I hadn't done before, at school. Took the same effort as before. I got to rate my teacher tho online anonymously.

"did he inspire you today"

"was the atmosphere friendly"

"did he comment on your work"

"did they guide you in what you were doing"

"Did you actively seek to work independently and efficiently"

"How could he improve?"

(no answer, real answer from my classmates: sometimes he's a ******* and then other times he's not.)


Took a long nap from 5-7pm and I was an hour late to school this morning. I just. so tired anyways.

I got commented by a classmate about my lower back being sweaty.
It's as if they noticed it today??? I dunno. It was quite chilly but I'm still hot cause of my (wrong) meds. I don't even... I mean I'm so used to it already.

But yeah. I didn't even touch some of the things that are floaters on my mind. I have though so I guess it'd be futile to repeat them over on my blog as well again sigh yolo.

 from the home office


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