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chick power!!

Sain magic kinder sovelluksen puhelimeen. Poweria aamuun kun avasin munan. Sitten olen deviantartiin submissannut jotain, mutta ei siellä paljoa liikehdintää ole. Voi sunnuntai olet niin hauska. (=lue: pakko viihdyttää itseään, eli omaa hauskaa)

Tarveisi edelleen lukea uusintakokeisiin. Koulukirja on läppärin alla, läppäri latautuu nyt keittiössä.

Silmät oli ihan punaiset eilen illalla suihkun jälkeen. Olispa kynsilakanpoistoaineet ja silmämeikinpoistoaineet. Varmaan jossakin nekin tallella muuton jälkeen. Täällä ei ole erityisemmin mitään tapahtunut koko kuun aikana, että mua kiinnostaisi sisustaa tms olisi asuttavampaa kodin tuntua.

in English:

nothing ever happens. and I wonder. oh, I wonder why..... yesterday the sky was blue but I see another snowflake after another cold day.

oops I meant... umm... opened a kinder egg and my surprise was a powerpuff girl. Downloaded the app on my iPhone 8. Tried to submit my art on dA.... made a new group, apparently costs over 50 euros to get it featured etc. so no new members there.
School book is under my macbook, I would have to study for 3 tests on Wednesday that I'm re-doing. My eyes were red after a shower last night. Hoping I would find a nail polish remover and facial cleaner. After moving flats, I still haven't done anything here to make myself feel more at home.

so yeah. Breakfast was some cheese buns. Yesterday I ate world's first cricket bread. They sold those handmade loafs so I ate about seventy bugs yesterday. It was pretty good, not disgusting at all!

We were actually supposed to make lasagna but... Adobe took it's share of my bank account so it was embarrassing to have to leave food out... so we went to eat at relatives. Got some lamb and Easter treats like mämmi which is like a dessert that looks like poop but is just very sweet rye product. It's good with vanilla sauce or cream.

I changed my macbook's background image and it is now very Chad.

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