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keskiviikkona, maaliskuuta 21, 2018

breathing the right way and using my vocal chords the right way, I guess... depends

change yourself and you will change the world -on a signed copy of a book to me

Thinking about books. Authors, covers, titles, age recommendations, literature terms, owned books, currently reading shelf, bookstagram, book clubs. Thinking about different type of glues used in binding them and methods to use when printing them that make the book more valuable and long-lasting etc.

Got an exam on those things tomorrow at school. embossing, hot foil, & glues =3 things

Thinking about my happiness and what the teacher said about happiness but I already drowned my thoughts in singing for an hour on and eating a tube of chocolate spread. I feel gross and anxious or something. I can't fathom though how a happiness can be a feeling or, like a momentary achievable state or, I dunno. I just, have always been happy and I don't want to dissect that.

Either way. Fantasy, scifi, dystopian, ya literature is like the best thing ever though I think it's some new way of expressing that a book is an easy and fast read that you enjoy and kill time with before you have to do grown up things?

I'm a movie buff too.
Horror is fine. I don't like drama or romance or comedy but I mean like, scifi/fantasy/action is okay as well but I do prefer the book. Able to use what imagination you have, imagining the characters and world-building.
"Everyone" can build a world or an epic fantasy quest complicated thingy based on things already exist that writers use. Then there is tharder things like a simplicity thing also where not anyone can 'kill their darlings' and just. Simplify, minimalise, an idea or like, what Einstein said. "make things simple, but not simpler." cuz thats the hardest thing.

I dunno. I can't just start watching a tv series based on a book I haven't been able to force myself to read no matter how long it has taken? Like, ok... I had to have it. But what can I do with it?

Shit hits the fan literally sometimes when you just won't accept your loss that simply you do not like something.

Wishing I was somehow young again? Devouring paperbacks and 200-page hardcovers like. babysit myself thank you's. A book is a good babysitter by the way! If it's a girl/boy like myself who would just rather do something in silence by myself like I did so much of the time when I was the happy kid/teen/young adult.

But yeah I'm soon thirty psychologically and I'm talking shit that happened in the last century and I'm pretty much a year older than the Internet kind of...

sigh!! *loses the plot of this post*

Best wishes,
hooping not be too disgusting...=)

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