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torstaina, helmikuuta 22, 2018

I sound groggy like I do have a cold

Eating ice-cream. lemon&meringue. Feels like screaming. Got a spam call from the UK something to do with stock trading... btw it's a new phone, iP8... my friend owes me five euros cause I was able to get it

Actually I bought a phone for my fiancé too. We are setting them up now. You know, protection from viruses, charging the battery, getting our old apps and contacts back-up'd. Also newest software has to be downloaded and installed, so.

It took us three hours downtown to get my eyeglasses fixed etc. It would've cost 2x99euros to repair his phone, so he got a new one cause that only cost slightly more. Stupid I must admit, but they sold us an insurance of sorts if something does happen....

selfie with the bags holding our new phones (telia and elisa)

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