Congrats to all Cupids

Thought not to write. I'm entertaining all kinds of ideas in my head. Got advice that "shut your mind" after doing other things for a while... Is my mind's shoutings so loud though? Is it between the lines somewhere? Even though I'm unfuckable and out-of-your-league kinda ugly. Yes. This mind of mine is shouting for some calm, paradoxical as it may seem. I just took a painkiller though for my troubles. I mean, my nipples were so erect and sensitive I just moaned a word over and over and released it's energy to the cosmos, while I came. When is that ever enough though? I am surrounded by idiots.. what is this purpose af? af=AS FUCK, saw it also written on a Hogwarts rpg "homework" essay. Kids nowadays, huh? *comes up with some ''fact'', so she doesn't have to live longer than ten years anymore*
I'm guessing it all comes down to unrequited love and me personally having always some kind of fantasy of someone, who I wouldn't touch otherwise, like a crush on some dodgy celeb or something- teaching me more about loving someone, but a total waste of effort of course, like. How did I even get to be a virgin for the first 20 years? Is it possible to live wildly the next 20? What's always next... wouldn't everyone love to know.

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